The Mediterranean
is union and life

In Marina Port Vell we are committed to ensuring that it remains so, minimizing impacts and promoting conservation and awareness actions.

Environmental contribution

We encourage a corporate culture that centers around respect for the environment, identifying the best practices and sharing them with our stakeholders.

We carry out awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of taking care of the environment and work on obtaining Certifications and the development of procedures that prove our commitment.


We are committed to improving water quality of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore, have various mechanisms for its control.

We raise awareness on the importance of avoiding waste discharge into the sea, thanks to maintenance, periodic reviews, protocols for correct fuel loading, among others.

Marine ecosystem

We believe in the life that inhabits the Mediterranean. Therefore, we are committed to promoting actions that preserve and protect these ecosystems until achieving net zero loss of biodiversity.

We promote awareness-raising actions that bring marine life closer to the different stakeholders with which we interact.

Climate change

We believe in the environment and actively fight climate change. This leads us to work to become an Emission-neutral marine.

We measure and monitor our activities to ensure that we are constantly reducing our impact.

We are committed to self-consumption and renewable energy

EMAS Certification

ISO14001 Certification

Promotion of the Blue Economy in the city of Barcelona

Pionneers implementing the use of Seabins