We are committed to people

Our business model wants to put people at the center and prioritize the quality of both the employment we offer and the services we offer.

Impact governance

We promote company-wide sustainability within our organization, and we fully integrate it into our strategy.

We are committed to promoting the best practices in sustainability and to periodically reviewing our commitment and the actions taken.

Communication and transparency

We want to be close to our stakeholders and be transparent in our communication. Therefore, we put at their disposal various communication channels.

In all our communications we speak the common language of the sustainability.

Ethics and integrity

We have a solid compliance model that guarantees that all our activities are carried out following the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We have 0 tolerance with cases of corruption.


Marina Port Vell would not be possible without the people who make it possible and without the passion that moves them.

We create quality, safe work environments that promote diversity and inclusion

We have a Complience Officer

Commited with our Ethics Code

Promotion of trainning and talent

Creation of an ESG Committee of Managers from every area