Three Barcelona cocktail bars among the seven best in the world

Every year since 2009, the The World’s 50 Best Bars list brings together 650 cocktail experts from around the globe to put together a guide to the best bars on the planet in which some of the world’s best mixed drinks can be enjoyed. These experts include independent bartenders and servers, consultants, drinks writers and cocktail specialists. This year´s decision, which was announced on October 4 at Cúpula Las Arenas in Barcelona, represents a milestone, because for the first time the top ranked establishment was Spanish: the fabulous Barcelona cocktail bar Paradiso.

In the organization’s own words, the establishment, owned by Grup Confiteria and run by the creative Giacomo Giannotti, has a “majestic Dali-esque curved wooden bar” and the drinks that are served there “don’t look or taste like this anywhere but at Paradiso.” One example is the Supercool Martini, which uses a ‘supercooled’ gin mix to build an iceberg in the glass. Another is the Fleming, in which fermentation with a mushroom spore rim is a tribute to the British scientist’s discovery of penicillin. Or the On Fire “milk punch cocktail, with bourbon, oloroso sherry, tahini, sweet potato and smoked milk.” Three unique experiences.

The voting results also brought two more pieces of good news for Barcelona. Ranked third after Paradiso and Tayer+Elementary, a London cocktail bar that maintained the second place position it had on the 2021 list, is Sips. The organization, describes it as “a modern bar concept – here the bartenders and their creations are the show,” with two master drinksmiths in the cocktail world holding court: Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez.” Sips is a more mellow place during the day. As night falls, with the lighting and the serving of re-routed classic cocktails such as the Caipirinha, it becomes a haven of sensuality and movement.


Just four spots down on one of the most prestigious lists of the cocktail industry is Two Schmucks, yet another of the alternatives that can be enjoyed in Barcelona. “In Barcelona’s historic district of El Raval, all scruffy and characterful, the bar fits right in with punk vibes and irreverent charm seeping out of every pore.” Though elegant, the venue seems to deftly surrender to the carefree rhythm of the Catalan capital, striking an almost impossible balance. With its selection, Barcelona becomes the only city in the world with three cocktail bars ranked among the top seven.


And that is no coincidence. Historically, particularly in the last few decades, Barcelona has been famous for easily attracting creative talent, both domestically and internationally. In architecture, design, music, literature, sustainability, drink mixing … Once again, Barcelona has proven that it offers unique services to upscale visitors, who can enjoy first-class experiences in a dream location in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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