Arrival information

Useful contacts (24/7):

  • Marina Port Vell: VHF Channel 68
  • Duty dock staff: +34 636 552 623
  • Port Authority Emergency Centre: +34 900 100 852

Sailing yachts with masts higher than 55 metres must inform the marina as entry under the cable car line across the port will need to be arranged.

All ISPS vessels requiring a pre-arrival form should contact our Harbour Master who can sign any ISPS declarations:

Pau Domec
Harbour Master
T. +34 93 484 23 96
M. +34 619 757 690

An emergency manual will be available to explain procedures in the event of an emergency in Marina Port Vell.

Paperwork on arrival:

Before a yacht’s arrival, the following paperwork must be provided to Marina Port Vell for the General Capitanerie and Port Authority or supply it on our reservation form:

  • Certificate of Registry (ship papers)
  • P&I Insurance
  • Crew and guest list
  • Last port and next port
  • Estimated time of arrival

Yachts of more than 45 metres or with a GT of 500 or more must provide:

  • Ship’s waste

Yachts with a GT of 1,000 or more must provide:

  • Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage.

Commercial vessels must provide:

  • International load line certificate

VHF radio channels:

  • VHF 14 – Pilots and maritime traffic
  • VHF 68 – Marina Port Vell


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